Roman Heritage of Sarajevo – Augmented Reality App


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The Roman settlement Aquae S (…) is located on the left bank of the River Željeznica, at the initial part of Ilidža’s settlement Lužani. During the reign of the Roman Empire, it represented the most significant settlement in the Sarajevo plain. It is assumed that Ilidža was planned in the time of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (161-180 AD) and that this was the period when a large number of military veterans inhabited this area of Ilidža, thereby increasing its population. Remnants of thermal spas and urban villas can be seen on the site, but it is hard to imagine what they originally looked like. The Roman Heritage of Sarajevo Project recreates these cultural monuments through Augmented Reality techniques and offers visitors an insight into the life in this area during the Roman Empire.

AR application guides the users also to the physical location of Roman remains, where they can see the additional digital content – VR video stories about other 3 Roman archaeological sites in the Balkans: Viminacium (Serbia), Municipium S (Montenegro) and Dyrrachium (Albania).

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