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The Battle on the Neretva, also known as the Battle for the Wounded, is one of the most significant battles of the WWII. Tito’s partisans succeeded to defeat the enemy offensive under the code of Operation Weiss. The decisive events took place in the Neretva canyon, in Jablanica, when about 4,000 wounded and sick fighters of the People’s Liberation Army were rescued by crossing the river.

The Museum of the battle in Jablanica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is commemorating this historical event. Virtual Reality application set up in this Museum enables the VR headset user to experience the battle as its participant. The commander orders him/her to destroy the bridge, fight the enemy airplanes and transport the wounded across the river. If the mission is successfully accomplished, comrade Tito himself will express his congratulations!

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The modernization of the museums in Nikšić and Jablanica is being realized within the project of cross-border cooperation „Amusing Museums” financed by the European Union. With virtual reality technology, visitors will be able to travel into the past. Thus, visitors to the Museum in Jablanica will experience the Battle of the Neretva and find themselves at the center of the battle, while visitors to Nikšić and the Petrovići Archaeological Center will be able to go back thousands of years and feel what life was like at the most important prehistoric site in Montenegro “Crvena stijena”.

Production of 3D animation and recording of 360 ֯ video for VR applications is in progress at both locations, and by the end of the year, the completion of construction works and equipping of VR space is expected.
The virtual experience will make visiting museums more attractive and give it a whole new form in which the impression is created that visitors are truly in historical space and time. At that moment, the world being observed becomes a virtual reality of the visitors, in which various elements such as video, audio or accompanying informative content in the form of images or text are embedded.
The project cross-border cooperation “Amusing Museums” (aMUSeumING) funded by the European Union within the cross-border program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro. The project is jointly implemented by the LiNK Association from Mostar in cooperation with the National Museum of Montenegro (MNE) and the Municipality of Jablanica (BiH). The total value of the project is close to 400,000 euros, of which the European Union finances about 300,000 euros.

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